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Driven by Creative knowledge; In the knowledge based economy, it is a new generation of high achievers, scholars and most creative who will be the driving force.Creativeness is the be- all and end-all of human capability.The sky is no limit, the Universe is the playground.Perhaps, Copperstone‟s greatest dream is about to be realised with the globalisation of the Institute of the Forensic and Strategic Studies.

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This eminent collaboration, aims at revolutionising the profession through enhanced technology, we are pioneers of Forensic in the nation of Zambia.We are equally proud that through our research efforts, Copperstone has been pioneers in programs such as Design and Technology, Occupational Safety and Health Environment (OSHE) probably we are the leading provider in the SADC Region.

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We are also proud of programs such as Leather Technology leading to an MOU with COMESA and the Fire Technology training to our Fire Engineers.We are equally grateful to the Chinese Government through the ZCCZ – Economic zone, for the MOU entered into regarding the English Training program for the Chinese College Teachers Including the setting of the Centre for Language by the China Open University, the largest University in China.

The Copperstone University Entrepreneurship training program is a series of Practical reflective learning and mentorship series to equip participants with both applied knowledge and customized practical entrepreneurial scenario to help them prepare for venturing into the real world of starting a sustainable business.


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We are alive to the fact that the global market is driven by the entrepreneurial undertakings, As a country, Zambia has enormous entrepreneurial opportunities for all! Cutting across various sectors of our society.Therefore Copperstone would continue to compliment to the entrepreneurial aspirations of many Zambians from all walks of life in line with the Zambian government policy through provisions of:

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All-Inclusive Pricing. Your tuition price includes all materials you need including study guides and learning aids.Job-Focused Programs. We offer vocational programs in the fastest-growing fields – business, technology, health care, and select trades.Flexible Method of Study. You can study online or in print. Books, study guides, and learning aids are shipped directly to you. You decide which method best suits your learning style.

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- Structured academic program in entrepreneurship
- Provision of research and Consultancy services in Entrepreneurship
- Develop the young enterprise and enterprise development incubation facilities.
We thank the Comesa where Comesa has given us the opportunity to chair the Academia platform of the member states in the Institute of Leather and Leather products (LLPI) headquartered in Addis Ababa Ethiopia.

“ Thank you the great Community of Copperstone University. Bravo to all Copperstonians.Our Vision! Our Country ! Our World!.”

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Flexible Method of Study. You can study online or in print. Books, study guides, and learning aids are shipped directly to you. You decide which method best suits your learning style.Network of Instructor Support. You work independently, but not alone. Expert faculty and support staff are just a phone call, message board, or email away.

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