Our Story

Make learning and teaching more effective with active participation and student collaboration


Copperstone University was established in 2004, through company incorporation with the primary objective of fostering quality and solid higher education to zambian and the world at large.

its founded on the strong premise of “Copper-Stone”  a stone that says a solid foundation to zambian development and a backbone to the country’s economy.

So the name “COPPERSTONE” is steeped in the historical aspect of the country and it becomes the first institutionalized name to be coined in this fashion.

Mission , Vision & Values

Vision: We shall  Strive to become a Nationally and Internationally acknowledged supplier of quality and affordable education all.


Mission-Statement: To attain this vision, Copperstone University must ensure for the provision of the highest unquailed calibre of its products through qualified personnel at all levels.


Values: Copperstone is truly founded on being a caring institution with regard to culture, traditional and diversity. we have the student s support system and ensure the holistic development of people and values ranging from professionalism and honesty to equality and fairness.

Forward by the Vice Chancellor

we warmly welcome you to copperstone university, the university is one the leading private institutions of highest learning in zambia. located in the city of kitwe-luanshya, the third largest town in zambia and the centre of copperbelt, zambia’s copper mining region, copperstone university offers various programme’s in business studies, social sciences, engineering, safety health and environment, information technology and post graduates studies.

This wide range of learning and career development opportunities are intended to enhance the development of our society, our country and our world at large. our learning programme’s are designed to provide students with academic and latest technological skills, which will enable them to become competent professionals adaptive to the fast evolving labor market. the programme’s at copperstone university are developed not only to provide students with interesting and stimulating careers to develop their minds but also to enhance their knowledge and skills as well as increase their ability to achieve their dream job.

Since its establishment in 2004, copperstone university has built up a national and worldwide reputation for the provision of excellence and quality education by providing skills to hundred s of students, we at copperstone university, aim at helping the learners to fulfill and achieve their dreams by providing comparatively low and affordable tuition fees. w strive to keep our programme’s economically and financially accessible to our students country wide and across the borders

Today we are proud to say thousands of students have successfully taken our programmes and have used their qualification to reach highest level in their chosen professions and are serving the country in various capacities.

Our key to success is that we care about our students and we strive to create an excellent teaching and learning environment.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Copperstone University.  

Teaching and Learning Aproach

Copperstone University adopts the practice and application aoriented education approach. it is an approach that requires students to experience the professional practice of their specialisation and to apply their knowledge to solve industrial related problems. this approach seeks to integrate “theory and practice” that synergies academic rigour with industrial practice. fundamental characteristics of the education delivered by copperstone university is that all of its activities focus on “how and how to”

Innovative & Creative Teaching & Learning Strategies

These techniques give strong theoretical with emphasis on practical applications. innovative and creativity are interrelated core objectives of CU that are fundamental in its efforts to excel in its roles to become one of the most innovative and creative world class universities.

Teaching Factory

The teaching factory practice adopted by copperstone university primarily offers an industrial environment in ralation to design, prototyping, production and quality assurance processes. this practice ensures that students develop a deep understanding of their studies based on real situations.

Effective teaching and Learning Techniques

Computer based Teaching Problem based Learning Experiential Learning Action Based Learning Simulation based teaching Industrial Exposed Projects

Copperstone University

The university is a multi-disciplinary institute offering programmes from Diploma, Digree, and up to Master Levels. we also provide tailor made programmes. the university operates on the semester system consisting of three (3) Semester in a year.
January to April
May to August
September to December.

The University Senate

Prof Sitwala Mundia

Vice Chancellor

Prof Henry Hansele

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mulima

Director of Academics

Ms. Georgina

Director of Finance

Prof Sitwala Mundia

Head of Departments

Prof Henry Hansele

Professional Bodies 

Ms. Mulima

Teveta Representatives

Mr Phiri

Cosmac Vice President